A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Yes, there is “something” about airline travel that is not nice from the get-go and the last thing the flying public needs is “something” to make it worse than it already is. Yes I speak of the silly notion to allow grumpy fliers…….yes the majority of them are grumpy……to sit anywhere near where I’m seated and yack away on a cellphone.   Texting, no problem……but talking…..never.     Yes I know even the FCC has voiced objection to the idea already but keep in mind, the FCC may be the biggest paper tiger federal agency in existence today.    Yes it will date me a bit, but I remember when flying used to be an exciting, if not pleasurable experience….even for those of us who really don’t care to fly. But in many cases, it is the best, if not the only way to get from here to there and commercial aviation used to bust it’s collective butt to make it a pleasant experience.  That ended several years ago.     There is no-one on board a single airliner today who’s excited, to say nothing about pleasured by being there.    There is nothing nice about the experience, every bit of it is grossly over-priced, the service on board is poor……if there is any service at all…….and commercial aviation is a giant hassle from the time you step foot into the terminal to the time to crawl into a non-English speaking taxi driver’s cab.    And by the way, the unpleasant experience in the air is not all the airline’s fault. I firmly believe the flying public takes an obnoxious pill before every flight.   It could be because they know it’s not going to be a nice experience and thus, they come prepared to be a pain in the ass.   People are rude….in many, many, many walks of life….but let ’em step into the airplane and they become Alec Baldwin….who may be one of the most repulsive people in America…….in the air OR on the ground.    I was sitting across the aisle recently from a respectful looking young man who was still fondling his cellphone as the plane was about to take off.   A flight attendant came by and again cautioned him to “power down” his phone.   He nodded in the affirmative and proceeded to finish the conversation he was having……totally ignoring the order to power-down and was still talking when the 737 was “wheels up.”

What an idiot!!!     And you want that moron sitting next to you talking to his boy friend for a two and a half hour flight?   I know there is no threat to the people in the cockpit of that plane.   Cellphones don’t interfere with the pilots ability to fly the plane, they don’t interfere with the navigation.   They don’t now and according to my airline pilot friends, NEVER HAVE, but to allow phone use on commercial flights would be a huge injustice for the already grumpy flying public.

Don’t do it!!!!

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