With many fantasy football seasons nearing championship week, phone lines were full on Thursday morning for fantasy football advice from Dave Richard.

The fantasy expert warned, “I have been on the two-week skid from hell where I’ve just had the worst luck running into the hottest players. … Fantasy football is very unfair.”

Richard then started dispensing advice to callers.

Which player is key to have on your roster in Week 15?

“There are a lot of really intriguing players to have on the roster. I think Andrew Luck is in for another good week. We saw him bounce back last week against Cincinnati. … Another player, and a lot of people had Rob Gronkowski on their fantasy teams and lost him, [they should] go get Dennis Pitta of the Baltimore Ravens. … To me, he’s a top-five tight end.”

Richard then took calls. Listen to what he had to say in order to gain the upper hand in your fantasy league playoffs.



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