It was time for another 10 Questions With Wiggy on Felger & Mazz. For this week:

10. If you were Bill Belichick and a team came to you and offered you a first-round pick for Rob Gronkowski this offseason, would you do that trade?

9. If you could pick anyone in the media world to sit down with and do your tell-all life’s story in an in-depth interview, who would it be?

8. A report last night said that the University of Texas has offered Nick Saban a 10-year, $100 million contract that includes a 1 percent share of the Longhorn TV Network. Is he worth it?

7. If you could remove one holiday from the calendar, what would it be?

6. If you could make one of the Patriots injured players healthy again, just one, who would you chose?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “St. Nickin it up for the youngins tryin to be like Anthony aka Soldier boy from Dead Pres!!!” Please translate.

4. Will you boo Doc Rivers tonight?

3. I saw a story on Yahoo this morning that read: “One trade that could make a lot of sense this offseason is New England and Indianapolis swapping Trent Richardson and Stevan Ridley…both could use a change of scenery.” If you’re the Pats, do you do that trade?

2. Tougher matchup for the Pats, at Miami this week or at Baltimore next week?

1. Will you please make up your mind: Tuesdays with Wiggy or Wiggy Wednesday?


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