Felger & Massarotti began Monday’s show by discussing the Patriots’ wild win, the Rob Gronkowski injury and whether the Patriots still have a chance to make the Super Bowl — and win the Super Bowl. Felger believes the Patriots should still get a bye in the first round and then win their home playoff game, and they still should have a chance in Denver in the AFC Championship Game. Felger also railed against NFL officials for ticky-tack fouls.

In hour 2, callers give their take on the Patriots’ win before Felger & Mazz get into the events of Saturday night between the Bruins and the Penguins. Felger argued that for fighting to keep its place in the league, it’s important that fighters stay within the lines. Shawn Thornton didn’t do that, and his actions will give anti-fighting people more fuel for their argument. Felger said that no matter what, you can’t excuse what Thornton did. They also discussed the James Neal knee to Brad Marchand’s head and his five-game suspension.

During hour three of Felger and Massarotti, the guys continued to discuss the fallout from Saturday night’s Bruins and Penguins game. The guys shifted the conversation to the local coverage of Shawn Thornton’s attack on Brooks Orpik. Should the local coverage have been more critical than it was? The hour ended with Mike and Tony returning to discuss Rob Gronkowski’s ACL injury and its effect on the Patriots chances moving forward.

In the final hour of Felger and Mazz, the guys continued their discussion of the Gronk situation, as well as whether Shawn Thortnon or Brooks Orpik were ultimately responsible for the incidents that occurred Saturday night.


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