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Consider this:

When I was a kid, all the gifts under the Christmas tree were wrapped. The presents from family were done up nicely, as were the ones from jolly old St. Nick. For me, wrapping was, and is, a big deal.

During a recent conversation with listeners on Jay Talking, the overnight talk radio on WBZ NewsRadio 1030, a caller mentioned that at his house, Santa does not wrap gifts because the crew at the North Pole just doesn’t have time, and the wrapping would get destroyed during the high-speed sleigh ride anyway. I wondered aloud why Santa would wrap my gifts, but have no time for wrapping stuff for this unfortunate man.

Then it became clear from a flurry of phone calls that Santa actually deposits unwrapped gifts under the Christmas tree in many homes, and the recipients actually prefer it that way. Something about seeing all the presents at once seems to trump the unwrapping thing for them. What!!! How can this be?

Does Santa wrap gifts at your house? There are some folks that suggest that Busy Santa Syndrome (BSS) is actually “Lazy Santa Syndrome”(LSS). How do you feel about that?

To find out more, I took the video camera out to ask if Busy Santa Syndrome is an epidemic or a rarity. Click play to watch the video. There are some really fun responses?


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