BOSTON (CBS) – Toucher and Rich were joined Monday morning by Comcast SportsNet New England analyst and Sports Hub host Mike Flynn to analyze Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans, starting with the big topic of pregame discussion in running back Stevan Ridley.

Ridley was a healthy scratch and was seen on the sidelines holding a football for all the world to see while dealing with his fumbling issue.

Humiliating? Yes.

But Flynn thinks at this point if you’re Stevan Ridley you’ll do whatever the team asks you to do while you try to gain their trust back. If that means standing on the sidelines in street clothes holding a football on national television, then that’s what you have to do.

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Ridley’s career is at a crossroads according to Flynn.

“His career here, especially in the short term, is on the line,” said Flynn. “He was a healthy scratch, that says a lot of what they [Patriots] are thinking and where their heads are at right now.”

It’s a shame too, because Flynn doesn’t think any of their backs are as talented as Ridley or bring as much to the table.

“It’s unfortunate because he’s a really good running back. I just think they’re a better running team with him in there. He’s more explosive, he’s a guy that can make the second cut in the hole.”

“But you fumble three times in as many games, some really bad ones, including that one in the red zone in Carolina. At some point you are held accountable and I think that’s where he is right now.”

Despite Ridley’s troubles, the Patriots running back group as a whole has been pretty good. Flynn thinks there’s enough collective talent in that backfield to make up for his absence.

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“You’re still a passing team. You’re not going to win with ‘ground and pound’. They can get enough out of [Shane] Vereen, [Brandon] Bolden and [LeGarrette] Blount to negate Ridley’s loss. I just think you lose an edge there [without Ridley].”

For Flynn’s full postgame analysis listen to the discussion below:



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