BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub is the new radio home of the Boston Celtics, so at 7pm the Adam Jones Show will be bringing you a nightly feature talking all things Green Team.

Monday night’s discussion started with some Jared Sullinger audio after today’s practice. Plain and simple: The second-year pro is tired of hearing about tanking.

Celtics At 7: Are Celtics A Playoff Team When Rondo Gets Back?

“We just want to win and show everybody that they can kiss our butts about that tanking stuff,” said Sullinger earlier today. “Lot of guys expect us to just like tank for [Jabari] Parker or [Andrew] Wiggins. Y’all might as well throw that out the door.”

At the beginning of the season Adam Jones was of the mind that everybody on the roster, from Rajon Rondo on down, was up for discussion in a trade.

Now after a month of basketball we’re starting to get a clearer picture of which players the Celtics should hold onto and which ones should be dealt through a trade.

And with the right deal Adam Jones would part ways with Jared Sullinger…but with the way he’s been playing that’s really hard to comprehend at the moment.

“I was high on the draft pick when Danny Ainge made it, and the idea that he could outperform where he was drafted. The main concern is not whether he can play. The main concern with him is can he stay healthy? We still don’t have an answer on that.”

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“My guess is if the Celtics move on from him they will have some real medical concerns. We talked to Sullinger last week and he doesn’t seem to be concerned about it, for whatever that’s worth. More importantly, he’s producing. He’s easily their most efficient player.”

“The Celtics on the year are +44 with Sullinger on the court. He’s the only positive player on the team, everybody else is negative. When he’s off the court the Celtics are a -113.”

“Sullinger’s performance has been hard to ignore this year,” Jones concluded.

Rich Keefe provided his take on Sullinger as well, listen to the full discussion below:



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