BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom purchased cheese crackers from a local supermarket.

They were Better Cheddar, Cheez-its, Nips and Special K.

Which snack ended up at the top of the food chain?

Better Cheddar were the worst of the bunch. The box offers crackers that were disappointing. The aroma was weak and flat and left Phantom unsatisfied.

A big step up were the Special K Cracker Chips. They packed a crunch and plenty of flavor. Instead of the cheese baked in, they are coated with a powder which can make for messy eating. They have fewer calories than the others and there is four ounces in each box.  If you’re looking to lighten your diet and wallet, this is the brand for you.

Cheese Nips were next on the list. These crackers have great cheese flavor and plenty of Cheddar but not enough salt for the taste. There was a shocking amount of broken pieces in the box, proving this is just not a sturdy snack.At the top of the food chain is Cheez-its. These classic deep orange square are the brand leader for good reason. With crunch, salt and great taste than lingers, Phantom could not stop eating them. That’s why they’re at the top of the food chain.Check out the food and fun Sunday at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.


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