A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Okay….coming from a guy who got a lot of Christmas shopping done while travelling in Italy this fall……a guy who really doesn’t have that many people to buy for, and from a guy who loves to hit the mall, once a year during Christmas time, just to witness the celebration of it all.   This is not coming from a guy who would even consider getting up at 4 a.m. on Black-Friday to be at the mall when the door opens at 5 a.m.   (My daughter-in-law and Granddaughter did that….OMG!)    If the stores want to get a jump on the big shopping day (Friday) and let the public take advantage of the mostly phony sales prices before the sun even comes up, good for them.    Go for it!  But when Black-Friday turns into Thursday evening on Thanksgiving day, that is disgusting.     Yes disgusting….not just a stupid idea, not just totally unnecessary, not just a danger to all of society and a chance for citizens to ignore, then beat-up on one another…..it’s disgusting.    Did you happen to see the people punching and pushing each other, in some cases causing security forces to fire on them when they scrummed for a $900 TV screen that was now selling for $400.      That same TV sold for $389 dollars on Labor Day weekend, but the knuckleheads of the world decided Thanksgiving night was the right time to get obnoxious and push some old lady aside to buy that TV.  The price of that TV…on that day….was determined by the manufacturer and the retailer months ago…not a special Black-Friday price…and I doubt it’s worth that much anyway.   What in Hell is this world coming to??   Answer:  Black Friday was a good idea…name the day after Thanksgiving for its original intent…launch the profit season for retailers by getting shoppers into the stores.     It went from there to…..”hey, lets open at 5 a.m. and really launch early.”   Still a good idea.    Wait….let’s start it at Midnight (12 a.m.)  Stupid but still OK I guess.       Finally….lets move it back into Thursday, Thanksgiving day itself…….and for reasons far to numerous to even list in this space, a disgusting idea and apparently the gullible public went for the hook and here we are…..just like New York…….. “Step right up……I’ve got 5 pounds of poop in 3 pound bags…..how many do yuz wanna buy?”


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