Three sisters gave birth to babies within days of each other. Total, the sisters have 8 children total. (Credit: Nichole Dever)

Three sisters gave birth to babies within days of each other. Total, the sisters have 8 children. (Credit: Nichole Dever)

WEYMOUTH (CBS) — Nine months ago, three South Shore sisters learned they were all pregnant.

The two boys and one girl were all born last week. (Credit: Nichole Dever)

The two boys and one girl were all born the week of Nov. 11. (Credit: Nichole Dever)

Last week, they delivered those babies just days away from each other, much to the shock of their parents and doctors.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Angela Greene gave birth first on Monday the 11th, Ashley Cutter had her baby on Thursday the 14th and sister Nichole Dever on Friday the 15th.

Nichole says when they found out they were all pregnant, they tried to break it to their parents gently but at first, they thought their daughters were joking with them.

“I thought my mom was going to die,” Nichole said. “Three babies in one week is just crazy. We were really excited.”

WBZ-TV’s Bobby Sisk reports

The three sisters and their parents all live within five minutes of each other and say they are very close.

When it came time for the deliveries, youngest sister Ashley says it was like a revolving door at South Shore Hospital. At one point Nicole was in labor and went into Ashley’s room to hold the day-old baby boy.

The hardest part for the sisters was the logistics of making sure the older children were cared for. Between the three sisters there are 8 children.

“We owe our mom big time,” Ashley said.

For their doctors and the staff at the hospital, it was a first.

“Everybody at the hospital was shocked,” Nichole said. “No one had ever seen it before there.”

The sisters say the latest pregnancy was different for each of them because they had their sisters to share it with and some days, to commiserate with.

Nichole said they made it a habit of texting each other as soon as they left doctors appointments with updates. Sometimes, Angela said, she would see one of her sisters walking out of the doctor’s office as she was walking in.

“The best part is that all the cousins are going to grow up close to each other,” Ashley said.

It’s the first time all three were pregnant together but Nichole and Ashley and Ashley and Angela have previously been pregnant together. Their 4-year-olds are two weeks apart.

Seven of the sisters’ 8 children were also all born in the fall, meaning most of the kids will be sharing birthday parties for the rest of their lives.

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