Did you have to break out the snow brush or scraper this morning? Scattered snow showers and squalls last evening and night produced a solid coating in some communities as an arctic front swept through the region.  There are even a few leftover flurries and snow showers on Cape Cod this morning that are reducing visibility briefly and coating the ground.

Snow in Eastham (Taken by Jim, courtesy of Richard  Ogonowsky)

Snow in Eastham (Taken by Jim, courtesy of Richard Ogonowsky)

The big story though, is the cold… record cold in fact for some of us. Temperatures won’t get out of the 20s this afternoon and the wind is adding insult to injury. At the warmest time of the day, feels like temperatures, or wind chill values, will be in the teens.


Make sure to be bundled up if you’re doing anything outside…like going to the Pats game perhaps?


Single digit wind chill values will greet us Monday morning…followed by a gradually subsiding wind through the day. Despite lots of sunshine, highs will only top out in the lower 30s. Tuesday will be a quiet weather day here at home, but at that point our attention will turn to the south.   An area of low pressure will tap the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean for moisture, bringing heavy rain and the threat for strong thunderstorms across the southeast US.


That moisture will translate up the east coast Tuesday afternoon, arriving as showers to southern New England by Tuesday evening.  Steady rain will fill in overnight, falling heavily at times during the day Wednesday.  An early estimate shows many of us could receive between 1”-3” of rain through Wednesday – which will alleviate moderate drought conditions in eastern MA and southeast NH.

While the track of the storm is still somewhat uncertain at this time, this does look like a mainly wet, not white event for our area (although there will be accumulating snow on the Northwest fringe of the storm). The wind will also be a concern with gusts over 40 mph along the south coast and Cape Cod.

The system pulls away from New England on Thanksgiving, leaving cold air but increasing sunshine in its wake.  Stay tuned to WBZ for the very latest on this storm over the next few days.



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