PELHAM, NH (CBS) – A New Hampshire man is facing drug dealing charges and more arrests are expected after New Hampshire State Police say they were able to identify a drug dealing ring that was selling high grade medical marijuana from California for recreational use.

Keith Bailey, 24, of Pelham, was arrested on Thursday after an undercover New Hampshire State Trooper was allegedly able to buy drugs from him.

Keith Bailey arrested for alleged drug dealing. (Photo from Pelham, NH police)

Keith Bailey arrested for alleged drug dealing. (Photo from Pelham, NH police)

Investigators say the marijuana Bailey sold them came from a Pelham-based drug trafficking crew that had been transporting large amounts of the drug from a legitimate cannabis dispensary in California.

The marijuana was labeled as “Blue Dream,” which is a potent hybrid form of the drug.

Police say an investigation into the group has been ongoing for six months, and that Bailey was arrested because police believed he was planning to flee the state. He’s being held on $2,500 bail and could face further charges.

In all, undercover officers say they spent $4,000 buying high grade marijuana and prescription medication from multiple individuals as part of the investigation.

Medical marijuana was legalized in New Hampshire back in July. It’s expected to take up to two years before licenses are approved and dispensaries are up and running.

Possession of marijuana for recreational use is a criminal offense in New Hampshire.



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