By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV New Hampshire Bureau Chief

ROCHESTER, NH (CBS) – It was Thanksgiving last year and Diane Foley knew something was wrong when her son Jim didn’t call from Syria.

“Jim always called on the holidays,” said Foley today from her home in Rochester, New Hampshire.

And then a phone call she didn’t want.

“Two fellow journalists called to say Jim was missing, that he had not returned from his assignment,” said Foley.

Since then, exactly one year ago, the Foleys haven’t received any clues.

“It’s just incomprehensible that it’s been an entire year,” said Foley. “It’s very frightening because we really have not heard from Jim at all, no ransom request, no calls, nothing.”

James Foley was a freelance journalist working for Agence France-Presse and GlobalPost when he was kidnapped. He recently turned 40 years old.

The Foleys aren’t even sure who kidnapped him, whether it’s the Syrian government or rebel groups.

“I know as a mom that Jim’s alive and I have the greatest hope that he will endure and that’s why I ask for prayers,” said Foley.

One thing they are certain of is that there was nowhere else Jim wanted to be.

“He was there to report the truth, you know he’s very passionate about that,” said Foley. “He just knew that the people of Syria were really suffering and he really wanted to know both sides of the story, what was happening.”

Despite the unknown of what’s happening to her son, Foley says it’s important to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We’re blessed to be Americans, we have the freedoms we have that Jim doesn’t have today,” said Foley.

And as Jim’s mom marks one year without her son, she has a simple but powerful message for his captors.

“It breaks my heart that the persons who have captured him don’t understand his goodness and his desire for everything good in Syria,” said Foley.



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