BOSTON (CBS) – A JetBlue flight from Florida to Boston made an emergency landing Wednesday after an evacuation slide deployed into the cabin.

The FAA says JetBlue 1266, an Embraer E-190 aircraft, departed from Southwest Florida International Airport and was destined for Logan Airport. It landed safely at Orlando International Airport at 3:40 p.m.

Emergency slide on JetBlue flight deployed into the cabin. (Photo from passenger)

Emergency slide on JetBlue flight deployed into the cabin. (Photo from passenger)

JetBlue says the slide that deployed is located at the front of the plane, where passengers usually board. A flight attendant was knocked down as the slide deployed.

“All of a sudden there was a big noise and then it blew up like,” says passenger Catherine Leonard. “It was a little scary at first.”

The airplane was able to taxi to the terminal after landing in Orlando.

“We were all startled,” said Helen Murdock. “The plane didn’t jerk or jolt or anything like that.”

Airport officials said 78 people were on board the plane with 74 of them being passengers. Everyone on board the plane was able to exit out of a rear door.

The aircraft was taken out of service for further inspection. The FAA and NTSB are investigating the incident.

No passengers were hurt, but the flight attendant that was hit by the slide had to go to the hospital with an injury to her hand.

The passengers were able to get on another aircraft that landed in Boston at about 10 p.m. Those on board were comped for this flight, and received a voucher for a free future flight.


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