BOSTON (CBS) – Late in the fourth quarter of the 49ers-Saints game, Drew Brees was sacked hard by linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

Brooks went high on Brees in the upper shoulder/neck area – but not in the head – and was called for a very controversial penalty on the play, which he said was “bulls***” following the game. The penalty gave the Saints a second life and they went on to win 23-20.

Mike Felger & Tony Massarotti discussed the play, and the direction the NFL is heading in its effort to protect its star quarterbacks.

“So you got a quarterback dropping back on a 3rd-and-2 with three minutes to go in a three point game, and he gets hit in the top of the chest, and that is now roughing that decides the game?” said a livid Mazz. “What are we doing here? What’s the whole point of playing these games?”

Tony couldn’t hold his emotions in any longer, and unleashed on where this league is heading.

“Why not just put flags on them for crying out loud? Seriously! That thing was a joke yesterday, I’m sorry.”

“Nothing pisses me off more than when officials get in the way of games. I felt like yesterday they got in the way.”

The play was called a penalty because Brooks targeted the neck area of Brees, but after watching it over and over, Mike Felger isn’t so sure he even got him in the neck.

“It was right in the shoulder pads. That’s ridiculous, with the game in the balance? Bad call,” said Felger.

Listen to the full discussion below:



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