BOSTON (CBS) —Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four bottles of root beer from a local supermarket.

The carbonated contenders were A&W, IBC, Stewart’s and Virgil’s.

All brands scored well in Phantom’s taste test, but only one could end up at the top of the food chain.

Stewart’s was Phantom’s least favorite. The recipe for this cold brewed brand was created by an Ohio school teacher back in 1924. Sweet and not too frothy, with subtle flavor, there wasn’t anything terrible about this root beer, but there wasn’t anything terribly memorable either.

Next up was IBC. Its dark embossed glass bottle with no label gives this brand a decidedly old school feel. It pours out dark and foamy and each sip is not too sweet, with a nice bite, making IBC a great choice for a root beer float.

The runner up is Virgil’s. This microbrewed root beer stands out from the pack. Made with all natural flavors sourced from all corners of the globe, this brand promises to be a foodie favorite. With barely any carbonation, each sip is thick and syrupy with herbal notes including licorice, cinnamon clove and molasses. If you’re thirsty for a root beer that’s a bit different from the norm, Virgil’s is the one for you.

At the top of the food chain is A&W. Don’t be fooled by the plastic bottle and affordable price. Because when it comes to that classic root beer flavor, this stuff is the real deal. With hints of warm caramel and smooth vanilla leading into a rich and creamy finish, Phantom could drink this brand all day long. That’s why A&W is at the top of the food chain.


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