A mother in South Dakota is getting praised — and criticized — after she blogged that kids who are being bullied should toughen up.

29-year-old Stephanie Metz is a mother of two from Rapid City, South Dakota. In a post titled “Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World,” she wrote, “There was a time when kids got called names and got picked on, and they brushed it off and worked through it.”

Metz said she doesn’t condone violence but also doesn’t think parents should let their kids shut down when someone’s mean to them.

She goes on to say, “when my kids can’t find something, I refuse to help them until they’ve at least made a concerted effort to find it themselves. This isn’t being mean, it’s teaching them to at least attempt to solve a problem themselves before just giving up and asking for help.”

Metz says her main message is “don’t be afraid to parent your kids. They need to deal with some hardships.”

What do you think about her views? Share your comments below.


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