BOSTON (CBS) — Most new recruits join the armed services before they have launched a career or started a family.

But Dr. Mark Price is far from your typical veteran.

The accomplished orthopedic doctor from UMass Medical Center and father of three spent years before deciding to serve his country.

At age 38, Price joined the Navy Reserve and spent seven months in a mobile surgical unit in Afghanistan.

“It absolutely changes how you look at it and how you look at them,” Price said. “I feel like we have a lot of young people over there that are giving up a lot and we need doctors to care for them.”

Price is proud of the fact 98-percent of people who came to him with vital signs, survived.

When he returned last May, Price was awarded the Bronze Star but told veterans gathered in Worcester Monday, that his service pales in comparison to theirs.

“For good or bad, for better or worse, it was everything I hoped it would be,” Price said.


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