BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak opened Wednesday’s show talking about the Bruins’ 3-2 shootout loss to the Dallas Stars and their former first round pick Tyler Seguin, who was traded out of town on July 4.

Goucher On The Adam Jones Show: ‘Ironic’ That Seguin, Peverley Top Bruins

The loss marks the fourth time in five games the Bruins have been defeated, and signals an early season slump for the struggling B’s. Gresh and Zo talked about the inconsistent play of the Bruins over the past few games.

“It’s four out of five now where they haven’t played well. You’ve got a team that’s up and down and just riding the roller coaster. And you’ve got Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley on top of it scoring the goals in the shootout to get them a victory yesterday,” said an annoyed Gresh.

“I admit, I’m not worried. But why, why oh why, is this team still doing this to us? I know they’re not going to win every game. They’re not going to go 82-0, we understand that. It’s an unrealistic expectation. But they give you a first period the way they did, and then they check out for the better part of 40 minutes.”

Chiarelli On Toucher & Rich: Bruins ‘Having Some Difficulties’ Right Now

Gresh is referring to a first period in which the Bruins outscored the Stars 18-10, and played flat the rest of the game. Scott Zolak also touched on the up and down, streaky play of the Bruins.

“They are as good a team of getting into rhythms and funks than any other team in any sport that we get hooked on,” said a frustrated Zolak. “Just the tone of Claude Julien after the game says it all. He was pissed after this game. So that to me, I feel good about it. He gets it. He knows what the problem is. He knows they need to fix it.”

Unlike the strike-shortened 2012 season, there’s a full slate of games this year – all 82 of them. Zolak understands the need for this team to pace themselves, and chalks the poor play up to just another slump.

“This is not like last season where you got the shortened schedule. This is an extended season, you’re going to go through swings and dips.”

Do you still feel good about this team like Gresh & Zo? Or after last night’s loss are you worried?

Listen to the full discussion below:



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