BOSTON (CBS) – The Pink Hats were out in full force for the World Series Championship parade, so Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo to the streets to gather audio.

Coming off a 69-93 win season in 2012, finding Pink Hats at the beginning of the 2013 was extremely challenging for Adolfo. But lo and behold, the Red Sox just kept winning, took the American League East and went on an amazing playoff run that culminated in a World Series victory.

For Saturday’s parade there was a concentration of Pink Hat fans unlike any other, so finding an interview candidate was a breeze for Adolfo. He quizzed a group of ladies on various Red Sox related topics to test their knowledge of the World Champs.

It’s the Duckboat Parade Edition of everyone’s favorite game, Ask A Pink Hat! The questions are:

1. What position does David Ortiz play?

2. Who did the Red Sox defeat in the World Series?

3. What division are the Red Sox in?

4. Fill in the blank: Mike ___________

5. Who is the manager of the Boston Red Sox?

Listen below:



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