By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

KEENE, NH (CBS) – A Keene, New Hampshire woman is accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly hit-and run accident. It turns out she and the victim knew each other well.

“Keon and Tracy were best friends,” said Tracy’s mother who declined to be identified. “They loved each other, they argued like a couple, they’ve been best friends for years and years.”

Tracy Burroughs, 41, is accused of crashing into Keon Ioannou, 48, early Saturday morning. She was driving a car on Route 101, according to police, when she slammed into Ioannou who was on a bicycle on the shoulder of the road.

Police say she never stopped at the scene. Her mother says she did not even realize she had hit someone.

The two lived in the same home and were heading to the house when the accident happened. They had left work at Tony Clamato’s restaurant which Ioannou owned and where Burroughs worked as a waitress and hostess.

Police say Burroughs admits to consuming four alcoholic drinks while at the restaurant. She told police she “blacked out” on the way home.

A memorial is growing on the front steps of the restaurant.

“Keon was a wonderful man,” said Mary Wilcox, who worked next door to Keon’s restaurant. “He was very caring, giving, loving, willing to help anybody who came along.”

Burroughs is charged with negligent homicide and conduct after an accident.

Authorities say there is no indication that she may have caused the crash on purpose.

She remains in jail on $25,000 cash bail.

According to court records, police went to the home to identify next-of-kin after the crash, not knowing Burroughs had caused the accident.

They realized Burroughs was intoxicated and later determined that her car had actually been the vehicle involved in the crash.

Burroughs told police she left the restaurant around 11:30pm Friday night. But surveillance cameras nearby found she had left just before 2:00am.

Her Saturn station wagon that was involved in the crash was in the driveway and had significant damage consistent with the accident, according to court documents.



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