Toucher & Rich were joined by Boomer Esiason of WFAN and CBS Sports to talk all things NFL, including: The Patriots win over the Steelers, Tom Brady’s performance and Rob Gronkowski’s proposed TV show.

The Patriots blew out the Steelers 55-31 on Sunday and now head into the bye week with a 7-2 record. Tom Brady threw for four touchdowns and tight end Rob Gronkowski led the team in receiving with nine catches for 143 yards and a touchdown.

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The Steelers have struggled to win games this year, and with the loss fell to a dismal 2-6 on the season. However, Boomer Esiason said putting up 55 points is impressive no matter who the opponent is.

“I don’t think the Steelers are very good, but I do know that putting up 55 points on them is saying something. I don’t care what you say, in the NFL doing what they did yesterday against a very proud Pittsburgh defense speaks volumes of where they were yesterday and how well Tom Brady played,” Esiason told Toucher & Rich. “Yesterday was as impressive as it gets for the Patriots.”

After much discussion about the historic day of the Philadelphia Eagles backup QB Nick Foles, and what his performance will mean for the injured Michael Vick, the conversation shifted towards Rob Gronkowski and his family pitching the idea of an animated TV show.

Toucher & Rich were interested to hear from the former NFL quarterback whether or not the off-the-field interests of teammates becomes a distraction for guys in the locker room. His answer was that it’s only a distraction if your performance slips.

“With his performance yesterday and now the bye week coming up, I got to believe that he’ll be that much stronger coming back when they see Carolina in a couple weeks. I don’t ever really worry about that stuff,” Esiason said on Gronkowski. “If he’s late to meetings, or blowing assignments, or missing practice or something like that, then you’d have a real issue.”

Esiason added, “He’s a goofy guy, let’s face it. But he’s a very talented goofy guy. So if he wants to live his life and make a lot of money off the field he has every right to do that as long as his performance is not suffering on the field.”

Boomer then went into talk about the situation surrounding the Miami Dolphins and the reported bullying of Jonathan Martin by Richie Incognito.

To hear Boomer’s analysis of the Patriots win, other NFL topics and when ball-busting becomes bullying, listen to the audio below:



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