By Whitney Burbank, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – When the Boston Red Sox became the 1918 World Series champions Obeline Biron became a lifetime fan.

“I was 12 years old and of course all the kids in the neighborhood went crazy,” said Biron remembering the win.

Biron is 107-years-old and has seen more than a few historic Major League moments. She watched Ted Williams play his final game at Fenway Park, “Everyone stood and clapped and he came out and tipped his hat and we didn’t see him anymore.”

Biron said she still manages to watch every game. “I stay up until 9 o’clock but if they’re winning they make arrangements to come wake me up so I can see how they react,” said Biron. “They pour all that champagne over all of them and they go wild.”

It’s difficult to pick a favorite Red Sox player but Biron said Big Papi is as close as it gets. “He’s the best,” gushed Biron. “When they hit that ball he gets a lot of grand slams that the others don’t get.”

The bearded ballplayers have also caught Biron’s eye.

“I think they’re’s supposed to be good luck,” admitted Biron. “But I hope they cut them off after the game because they’re all young men.”

Biron has her own superstition, “The first club that gets a home run will be the team that will win.”



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