(Twitter Screenshot via @Gary_Tanguay)

(Twitter Screenshot via @Gary_Tanguay)

Gary Tanguay of Comcast SportsNet New England is very active on social media, but he hasn’t always been knowledgeable on how exactly it works. In the early days, Gary would tweet what looks like something completely random, when in reality he was probably trying to reply to someone.

Now that he’s mastered Twitter, he’s on to Vine. Vine is a social media service where users can post 5-second videos. Fred speculates that Gary took a night class on how to best use social media, because lately he’s been posting all sorts of random vines.

Or maybe after his freak out on CSNNE went viral Gary is just trying to recreate that same magic and get on Jimmy Fallon again.

Rich pulled the audio from some of his funniest videos, give them a listen below:



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