BOSTON (CBS) –  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in the Halloween spirit on Monday night, attending a party in Boston with his wife Gisele Bundchen.

But as they have from time to time, photos of the Pats’ QB off the field will lead to plenty of ribbings from the public — and likely a few of his teammates.

Bundchen arrived to the party dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz, so you can imagine how the conversation went when she gave Tom his options. Given the choices, Brady made a wise decision to go as the cowardly lion, complete with a mane and tail.

If you have no interest in seeing Brady dressed as a lion, there are also some pretty good pictures of his super model wife.

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Brady has never really been too afraid of his image off the field. From his GQ spread with farm animals early in his career to becoming the male spokesman for Uggs, he’s not shy about showing off his fashionable side. He’s also not afraid to enjoy himself on a water slide.

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He should just be happy that Matt Light retired. Imagine what the former Patriots’ jokester would have ready for Tom in the locker room this week after seeing those photos.


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