SPENCER (CBS) – Police are investigating a case of violence at an elementary school.

A 7-year-old student from the Wire Village School in Spencer was seriously injured during recess and according to the Worcester Telegram, that child was hospitalized for several days.

The incident happened on October 4 and police are now considering charges against another 7-year-old.

All the confusion has people in town very concerned. The school sent a note home to parents but it was very vague and only said the investigation is ongoing.

The note said “we have no conclusive evidence to make a judgment” and “the safety of our students is of utmost importance.”

School officials would not describe the incident, the student’s injuries or whether or not the aggressor is back at school.

Police say they need time to interview other children who may have seen the incident which was first reported to state social workers, who contacted the Worcester DA’s office, who then contacted Spencer Police.

The Spencer Police chief and school superintendent declined to comment.



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