BOSTON (CBS) — You may have seen a lot of sleepy people at work after all these late-night World Series games.

Doctor Betsy Sherry is medical director of the sleep center at Mount Auburn Hospital. She’s also suffering from sleepiness after all the late-night games.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

She says that with the late-night World Series games this week, members of Red Sox nation will likely suffer from acute sleep deprivation.

“You need to have sleep to be productive, to pay attention, to think clearly, like I feel now,” Sherry said. “I’m definitely sleep deprived.”

And the sleep-deprived head of the clinic says that acute sleep deprivation can also affect appearance.

“It can affect your skin, your hair, people get bags under their eyes,” Sherry said.

But the psychological sun will come out by the end of the week when baseball’s “Year Of The Beard” is over and the sleepy slice of the nation finally gets some sleep.

“I am not rested at all,” Sherry said.


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