HINGHAM (CBS) — It’s a star on the South Shore dining scene, run by a member of Boston’s most famous families.

The restaurant is Alma Nove and the man behind it is chef Paul Wahlberg.

Located in the Hingham Shipyard, Alma Nove boasts a bright and airy dining room… and a relaxing outdoor patio featuring a warm and inviting fire pit and gorgeous waterfront views.

“We’re right in the Hingham Shipyard, right on the marina, we have an outdoor patio, overlooks the marina and all the boats coming in and out, it’s a beautiful location. It’s the prime location on the South Shore.”

Just as pretty as the view is what comes on the plate from steaks and seafood to pastas and desserts.

“Italian is our core of the menu, but then we have a lot of Mediterranean influences, you know, a little Spanish, a little bit of Portuguese, a little Greek, a touch of French, and so what we like to do is just kind of mix up the menu, try to keep it as seasonal as possible, but at the same time keeping our core items on the menu that people have come to know and love.”

If Paul’s name and face look a little familiar, it’s because he’s a one of nine brothers and sisters who make up the famous Wahlberg family. In fact, his brothers Mark and Donnie are partners in Alma Nove and the restaurant is named after their mother.

“Alma is my mom’s name, and Nove is Italian for nine, for her nine children.”

And here at Alma Nove, Paul is the real star. And his customers get the all-star treatment.

“Our ultimate goal is a great experience for our customers, so making sure that everybody has a great experience, everybody’s happy, and we want them to be comfortable when they come in, so we really wanted it to be warm and inviting.” (music out)

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