A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Is there is there just no end to the ways Barack Obama  and Congress can embarrass themselves…….and us?    I don’t think so, and I almost find it amusing…….(I said almost)….to watch my lefty loony friends and one-time colleagues falling all over themselves to act surprised that any of this crap is coming down.   Years and years and years (I think that’s 3) the Obama administration has had to launch this debacle called Obamacare and still it turns into a fiasco.  Even the big-bigs in the mainstream media are being forced to say…….”what happened….or didn’t happen” when it comes to making this thing work.    Nobody surprised on the “right”, nobody surprised on Fox….and watching the key anchors on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN…..whatever, pick one…..say they’re “shocked” this could happen. Even BHO himself is not happy.     I think he said…..”nobody is more frustrated than I am by these glitches” and I can certainly understand why.   Heck even John Stewart who’s somewhere left of Lenin and an ardent supporter of BHO and the far left is in “shock.”     I think  Stewart’s words were…..”there’s no way to even put a spin on this turd.”    Stewart a day later, resumed his lefty lunacy, but trust me kids, when even John Stewart calls the Obamacare launch a “turd”, there’s something to fear here.

Whoever said there are “lies, damned lies and statistics” hit it right on the head when it comes to this White House.  Easily, the most overrated, incompetent, deceitful administration in recent America history and isn’t it amazing, about 42% of Americans think this unqualified guy is doing a good job.     You can blame the guy in the White House, the Republicans in the House, the Democrats in the Senate, there’s no doubt the people of this country took a whoopin’ during the past several weeks.   The government shut down…..getting back to the title page of this rant, is what really pushed me over the top.     Not only did this country embarrass itself by trying to keep WW2 Veterans out of the war memorial, I was overseas at the time and this country was keeping everyone out of the Memorial burial plots for Americans……on foreign soil!!!   Because there was no government money?

They threatened to stop paying for Social Security retirees, military retirees, disability etc for Americans, but immediately wrote a check for $1.6 billion for Pakistan.    $1.6 Billion with a B…..for a corrupt anti-American country.      Hope & Change eh?


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