BOSTON (CBS) – A credit score is a big factor when it comes to getting a mortgage and sometimes a job and it may now even help singles land a date.

“I’m looking for someone who is honest, outgoing, intelligent, romantic,” said Rachel Kapur. “I think it’s very important that my partner have a good credit score.”

For some singles three little numbers could be the key to getting a phone number.

“The credit score affects nearly every aspect of our lives, the job I’m going to get, the apartment that I’m going to live in, now our credit quality is actually affecting our dating lives,” said financial expert Ann Margaret Carrozza.

There are even a dating websites dedicated to find the perfect match — with perfect credit.

“We’re so scared of getting involved with someone that may not be perfect that we’re using all of these things to ensure that we’re making the right choices,” said relationship expert Kavita Patel.

There’s no question money can be a source of tension.

“We look at our parents’ relationship,” said Patel, “and the number one thing that they’re fighting about is money.”

So now, before the first date, or even the first drink, many singles are being very candid about the
importance of credit scores.

“I have a good credit score so I definitely think that’s very important,” said Kapur.

“I can definitely understand why someone would want to know the credit score, I can’t understand why it would be a deal-breaker,” said Jeannette Espinosa.

“Is it going to be the first question that I ask on a first date, absolutely not, but knowing someone’s financial background is definitely something I want to know,” said Eric Blindner.

After years of tough economic times, financial experts warn a credit score may not tell the whole story.

“We need to give the person with less than perfect credit a chance to explain it, they may have had an illness, they may have charged a lot of medical expenses to their credit cards,” said Carrozza.


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