BOSTON (CBS) — A segway tour company in Boston that has racked up $200,000 in fines over the past two years is filing for bankruptcy protection.

Boston by Segway Owner Allan Danley says the company is looking to reorganize its debt, and hopes to stay in business.

Since a 2011 ordinance banning segways from Boston’s sidewalks, Danley says his business has racked up 400 tickets at a cost of $500 each.

Danley has argued in court that the ordinance is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

“[We’re] dealing with a city that has an unlimited ability to change laws,” Danley said. “When you beat one city department, they send another one after you.”

Boston by Segway has given more than 50,000 tours during the past two summers, but says the city is doing everything it can to drive out the business.

“[City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina] is not doing this because of public safety. He’s passing laws that violate people’s civil rights,” Danley said. “I know the city is trying to run me out.”



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