By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Linda Do, a 57-year-old travel agent, is charged with bilking 16 people out of money for plane tickets to China as part of a larceny scheme.

One woman, named Emily, says she was stuck in China with her son when they realized Do had taken their $2500 and never bought their tickets. She says, “I was so angry, I called her many times and she didn’t pick up the phone.”

Guo Yuan Jiang, speaking through translator Karen Chen, says he booked flights for nine family members through Do for more than $7,000. He says, “We called the airline to find out whether or not we have a reservation, and it turns out there was no reservation under our name.” His 94-year-old parents were among the family members who hoped to travel. Jiang says, “They wanted to visit China once more, and now we don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Prosecutors say Do, who owns Olympic Travel on Harrison Street in Boston, billed people a total of $16,000 for non-existent flights to China. Nine of the 16 victims are over the age of 60.

We asked Do to respond to the charges. She told us her travel agency, which she’s run for 15 years, has gone bankrupt.

Do’s attorney says this is all part of her bankruptcy.

The judge allowed Do to go home on personal recognizance bail with an electronic bracelet, and ordered her to return tomorrow with her bankruptcy paperwork.

Those who lost money want her to pay.



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