WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS) — A spokesperson for Congressman Ed Markey’s office said they heard half a dozen gunshots approximately 200 feet from them in the Russell Office building on Capitol Hill.

The U.S. Capitol was placed in lockdown after shots were fired. Staffers and reporters on the Hill were told to shelter in place. According to CBS News’ Alicia Budich, an announcement over the Capitol P.A. system said, “Gunfire heard on Capitol Hill. If you are in an office building shelter in place.”

CBS News reports a car driven by a female suspect crashed into the White House gate, injured a police officer and continued toward the Capitol. She was shot and killed after leading police on a chase. The FBI was executing a search warrant in Stamford, Connecticut in connection to the incident.

“We have to thank the Capitol Police for their quick response,” Sen. Markey told WBZ-TV in an interview from the Capitol Rotunda. “I was just walking out of the Capitol building outdoors when a police officer just started running towards me. She said that shots have just been fired and that we should move quickly back indoors in order to shelter.”

Congressmen Bill Keating and Jim McGovern were also on Capitol Hill at the time of the shooting. Both told WBZ-TV they sheltered in place and no one in their office was harmed.

“The Capitol Police do a fantastic job,” said Markey. “Interestingly, these Capitol Police have been determined to be essential but they’re not being paid. So they’re protecting the public as federal employees but without knowing when their next paycheck is going to come. So that’s just another reason why we have to end this senseless shutdown of the federal government.”

Congressman Joe Kennedy’s office released the following statement after the lockdown ended around 3 p.m.

“Congressman Kennedy and his staff are safe. His thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the shooting today.”

Congressman Lynch also released a statement about Thursday afternoon’s shooting.

“Our office in Washington D.C. was placed on lockdown earlier this afternoon. We had been ordered to “shelter in place.” We are located in the Rayburn building directly adjacent to the Capitol. There was a substantial law enforcement response underway on the Capitol Plaza. All of our staff is safe and accounted for, and we are beginning to resume normal activities for the day.”

CBS News’ Major Garrett reports that the section of Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the White House has been closed off.


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