BOSTON (CBS) —  First in Japan and now even in Paris and London, a cat cafe may soon be coming to Boston as well.

Miaou Boston is working on opening a cat cafe which would feature cats from local animal shelters.

The concept started in Japan where cats are usually banned from apartments.

The cafes allow patrons to interact with the felines while they hang out and drink coffee or have a small meal.

A local woman is now hoping to open one by the end of the year.

“I’m a young entrepreneur looking to start a cat cafe in the U.S. I’m very serious about this and determined to have be created by the end of 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve had this idea for a while now ever since learning about them through the internet a couple of years ago,” the woman wrote on her blog “Cat Cafe Dream.”

The idea is gaining steam on social media with a kickstarter campaign in the works to raise money to open.

Miaou Boston will likely face some hurdles though.

According to state sanitary codes, animals are not allowed in restaurants. However restaurants may apply for and be granted a variance from their local board of health.

The prospective Miaou owner lists a meeting with the Board of Health as a “preliminary concern” on the blog.

We still have to talk to the Board of Health in Boston to see if there’s a legal way to allow cats into the restaurant. We have thought of preparing food off-site or just serving beverages as a way to combat going against food regulations. Any ideas about how we should go about this?”

It’s not totally unheard of in Boston though, the Brendan Behan Pub in Jamaica Plain allows dogs inside.

The Behan gets around health codes because it is “BYOF” or bring your own food.

Dogs are also allowed on several outdoor dining spots, especially in Boston’s South End.


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