With Jermaine Wiggins out today, Billy Lanni filled in for “10 Questions…” on Felger and Massarotti. Topics this week included the Bruins power play, the Jacksonville Jaguars, a fight involving Phil Kessel, Patriots vs. Falcons and Lanni must try to translate a Wiggy text.

10 Questions for Billy Lanni:

10. What is a current strength of the Red Sox that you worry about holding up in the postseason?

9. Who is your favorite former teammate to party with?

8. The Bruins this preseason have been using Zdeno Chara down low on the power play. In fact, he scored on a tip from there last night. We’ve seen them do this at desperate times in the playoffs in the past, but now it seems like this will be a go-to formation all year. Your thoughts?

7. It seems as if the Jaguars time in Jacksonville should be drawing to a close. Other than Los Angeles, name a city they should move to.

6. What is a current strength of the Red Sox that you are confident WILL hold up in the postseason?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “I gotta big up my boys MovePro for saving my back, & the 14 impala w/ peanut butter jelly guts go cop it.” Please translate.

4. Of the three teams the Patriots have played so far, who will finish with the worst record?

3. Two nights ago, Phil Kessel was challenged to a fight by 6-foot-9 inch Jon Scott. Kessel responded by taking two-handed swings at Scott with his stick….Take out the hockey stick element. If you are challenged to a fight from someone who is a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier, how do you go at that fight?

2. If you could take one player off the Atlanta Falcons and put him on the Patriots, who would it be?

1. Patriots-Atlanta is currently a pick-’em. Pick it!

[cbs-audio url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dP/dX/dQ/13PXQ_3.MP3″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”10 Questions with Billy Lanni” artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

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