BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots have been plenty entertaining this season on the field, but in the days between games, the sideshow of Bill Belichick vs. Bert Breer has helped fill the time rather well.

The Patriots’ head coach was sure to fire a few verbal jabs at Breer at the end of August when the NFL Network reporter asked about the status of Rob Gronkowski, and their exchanges since then have been noticeably cold.

That trend continued on Monday, the day after the Patriots’ 23-3 win over the Buccaneers, when Breer asked for some information about Gronkowski and Danny Amendola, specifically if either had a chance to play in the game against the Bucs.

The exchange went as follows:

Breer: How close was Gronk to playing yesterday?

Belichick: I don’t know. He was inactive.

Breer: Did he have a shot to play?

Belichick: He was inactive.

Breer: I mean going into the day, was there a chance that he would play or did you guys know —

Belichick: He was inactive for the game.

Breer: How about Danny?

Belichick: He was inactive, too.

Breer: So I know that they were inactive —

Belichick: Well they were inactive, so they didn’t play.

Breer: I think you’d have an idea of how close they were, right?

Belichick: Well they weren’t able to play. What do you want some big percentage points?

Breer: Well, I mean, you’d know —

Belichick: They couldn’t play, so–

Breer: Going into the day, did you know they wouldn’t play?

Belichick: They were inactive.

AB: That’s a yes or no question.

Belichick: They were inactive. It’s as simple as that.

98.5 The Sports Hub‘s Toucher & Rich and Gresh & Zo listened to the audio and gave their thoughts on the way Belichick handles questions from the press.

Toucher & Rich

Gresh & Zo

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