BOSTON (CBS) — It’s one of the most famous burger joints in America, and with just one bite, you’ll know why everybody knows about Bartley’s.

Located in the heart of Harvard Square, for more than fifty years, Bartley’s is where brainiacs from Harvard, and burger lovers from everywhere come together to get their hands on some thick, juicy, piled high, beef bombs.

The crowded dining room is always packed with hungry customers.

The walls are completely covered with signs, pictures, and knick-knacks…

And the kitchen is a blur of activity, with owner Bill Bartley at the center of it all.

And every burger that comes off this well seasoned flat top, is simply sensational, thanks to Bill’s decades behind the grill, and never ending quest for perfection.

Bartley’s enormous menu is filled with dozens of burgers, all named after celebrities, politicians, athletes, and cultural touchstones, like the Viagra burger, which always rises to the occasion with plenty of blue cheese and bacon, the Menino burger topped with a fried egg, and the Kevin Garnett burger, smothered with chili, salsa, and sour cream.

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