The Red Sox are going to the postseason and 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones has his reaction, and goes off on the idea that John Lackey has overcome a lot of adversity to get to this point.

“You can spare me — and this is John Farrell, this is Red Sox beat writers, this is fans of the team — you can spare me the whole ‘The John Lackey Story Continues’ after what he’s ‘come through.’ He’s put himself through a lot, so let’s not make up and ignore what John Lackey did for the first three years he was here. Do we forget about what he’s ‘been through’? John Lackey came here fat and out of shape for two years, and in September 2011, he was pounding beers and ordering chicken from Popeye’s in September. And then last year he was hurt.

“So it took the guy four years to be an above-average pitcher, which he’s been this year. He should likely pitch Game 2 for the Red Sox  … but can we stop with that? Can we stop with the, ‘Boy, all he’s been through … .’ He put himself through it. John Lackey put himself through all of it — showing up his teammates, drinking and ordering chicken, being generally out of shape the first two years and not living up to his contract. He put himself through it. We don’t need to feel sorry for John Lackey. It’s not like he was slighted by the fan base — or that any slight or hatred from the fan base or radio hosts like myself was undeserved. That’s absurd. He deserved every single bit of it. And now he’s starting to build up some goodwill, but ‘the John Lackey story continues’? You can spare me that.”


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