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Consider this:

Bradley Jay ‘What Is The Real The Key To Happiness?’

Our world is cluttered with tasks and goals, but which of these lead to real happiness and which are merely flotsam? Let us expend just a bit of energy to pan the gold from the dirt so we can focus our energies on things that matter. The natural first step in defining what really makes us happy is to simply dedicate a moment to considering the question. So I ask you now, as I asked folks on the streets of Boston, ‘What is the key to happiness for you?’

To understand what brings happiness, the sensible course would be to first define it. Is happiness the saccharine rush of a chocolate bar or a jet ski? Perhaps for you it is Christmas morning with your family about. For me, happiness is coming home to my sweetheart and puppies after a long trip. It takes the juxtaposition of travel and home life to make me happy.

I was pleased to note that most did not answer my question with “good health” as I had feared. After all, if good health were the key to happiness, then all healthy persons would be happy, and no ill persons could be. There is more to the issue than good health or wealth.

Deep happiness is elusive, and while the answers given in this video are sometimes flip, and perhaps funny, they may resonate enough with you to put you in a mindful space and stimulate constructive thought about how you might become a happier person.

Enjoy the video and find out what makes your neighbors happy.

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