There have been varied and conflicting reports about the health of Danny Amendola over the past few days. Recent reports say Amendola will not undergo surgery for his groin injury, and he should be able to return within a few weeks.

Former New England offensive lineman Matt Light joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Wednesday morning to discuss the Amendola’s groin injury and Tom Brady being demonstrative on the field.

T&R have heard from Rosevelt Colvin, Mike Flynn and Scott Zolak that groin injuries are a pesky injury that return throughout the season if they don’t get the time to heal properly. Even though Light admits that he’s never experienced this type of injury, he agrees these injuries are bothersome.

“It’s a nagging deal, it’s tied in to about everything. When you talk about jogging or going out for a little spin around the neighborhood that’s one thing, but when you got to plant and do all the things you do on the field especially at that position and a guy like him, he’s all over the map.”

It was reported that Amendola saw his own doctor along with team doctors concerning this injury. How do the Patriots view players seeing doctors other than the team doctors? Is there any encouragement to go with what the team doctors say?

“It’s typically never an issue as far as what team doctors say and what your other guy says. All these doctors they’re going to want to kind of talk amongst themselves anyway and most guys do pretty much take that route especially if they came from somewhere else.”

With this injury to Amendola and injuries to Shane Vereen and Rob Gronkowski still sidelined Tom Brady is left with the same receivers he had last week against the Jets. During that game it was easy to see that Brady was frustrated with dropped balls and poorly run routes.

Does Light remember a time in the past where Brady was as demonstrative as he was this past week?

Light said that it’s frustrating when things aren’t being executed at the level you know they can be and it doesn’t matter if the guys are rookies or veterans. He adds that football players are out on the field fired up, so they are going to show that frustration and not just calmly walk up to guys and discuss what’s going on.

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