By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Many of you slept through it but earlier this morning the temperature bottomed out at 44 degrees in Boston establishing a new record low…the old one was 45 degrees set back in 1986.  Much of interior New England, especially across the low-lying countryside saw the first frost of the season too.  Cold high pressure is settling in from Canada so these next 24 hours will feel more like October…in fact, for many, tonight will be colder than last night.  Because of that, Frost Advisories have once again been posted for Interior New England and may need to be expanded perhaps into MetroWest.  I don’t expect Boston to be colder however thanks to the urban heat island effect…buildings and pavement absorb the sun’s energy and radiate it all night long like a camp fire.

That same chilly Canadian High will become the bearer of a great stretch of weather as it parks itself over the Northeast through the end of the week.   The air mass will be given an opportunity to moderate and the nearly full sun will boost daytime temps back into the 70s Thursday through Sunday.

Our next chance of rain will come sometime over the weekend with an approaching cold front.  Given the very strong ridge of high pressure and it’s unwillingness to relinquish control I think that showers will hold off until Sunday and perhaps even until the afternoon.


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