BOSTON (CBS) — Tuesday’s Boston Globe endorsement of City Councilor John Connolly and community activist John Barros gives them a boost and is especially helpful to Barros.

Barros is way down toward the end of the list when it comes to cash on hand, as is councilor Rob Consalvo. Yet both are believed to be in the mix next Tuesday, a sign that in this race, money isn’t everything.

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Suffolk County DA Dan Conley is in the lead when it comes to campaign coffers.

On Tuesday, Barros didn’t pause to celebrate the co-endorsement. He was too busy in Roxbury doing what all the serious mayoral candidates spend much of their time doing; courting seniors – the city’s most faithful voting bloc.

“You have to be there, you have to let them known you’re going to be an accessible mayor,” Barros said. “That you’re going to be a mayor that really cares about every part of Boston.”

Across town in the North End, Consalvo was busy doing the same.

His co-endorsement by the Boston Teachers Union is welcome news, but Consalvo needs the bingo players to place their markers by his name on the ballot next week.

“My goal for the last week is the same as it has been for the last five-and-a-half-months; continue to meet as many voters as I can,” he said.

At the spartan Barros headquarters in Upham’s Corner, rubber hits the road as campaign workers make the personal contacts they hope will overcome the competition’s financial edge.

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