By Ken MacLeod

BROCKTON (CBS) —Some red-tail hawks gracefully cruised the sky over a neatly manicured Brockton neighborhood Tuesday afternoon where somebody is suspected of shooting one.

“I’m shocked somebody would do that,” Joseph Rodenbush said.

X-rays showed a pellet punctured the bird’s lung before it died.

Megan Hanrahan is Brockton’s Animal Inspector and says the 7-to-9-pound birds of prey often get no credit for their rodent control. And, they get a bad rap for their perceived risk to small pets.

Investigators believe the hawk was shot in flight and didn’t glide far after the fatal wound.

They believe the pellet was likely fired from a nearby yard or street within a block or two.

Red Tails are Federally protected and killing one can draw up to six months in jail and a fine of $15,000.

Now, the incident is spawning some curious chatter among neighbors, hoping whoever shot the bird wasn’t aiming at it.

In the meantime, investigators worry about what the next shot may hit.

Anyone with information, is asked to contact the Brockton Police.


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