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Monday 9/16 – 7:00pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Thespian Catalyst”
Sheldon asks Penny to give him acting lessons so he can become a better instructor. Meanwhile, Raj fantasizes about Howard’s girlfriend.

Penny: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is an American classic.
Sheldon: So is the McRib sandwich. I don’t care for that, either.



Tuesday 9/17 – 5:30pm

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-LogoHow I Met Your Mother
Marshall and Lily apply for a loan so they can buy their own house which forces Lily to confess about her financial situation.

Marshall: I’m going to stop you right there. Don’t bother with the hard sell. We can’t afford this place just now, and besides, we just started looking.
Narrator: Is what Marshall should have said.
Marshall: I’m going to stop you right there. I love it! We’ll take it!



Wednesday 9/18 – 6:30pm

Two-and-a-Half-Men-Logo-100x100Two and a Half Men
“Merely Slept with a Commie”
Charlie and Alan’s mother get nervous when not that many people show up to her friend’s funeral. After they tell her to expect the same turnout, she replaces them with a new family.

Evelyn: Can you believe! Two of Cynthia’s three children didn’t even bother showing up at her funeral, and the one who did was drunk, and cracking tasteless jokes about his Mother all throughout the service…
Charlie: You didn’t happen to jot any of them down, did you?



Thursday 9/19 – 5:00pm

“The Doodle”
George has mixed feelings after a girl in Elaine’s art class draws a caricature of him. Also, Newman’s fleas force Jerry to get his apartment fumigated, causing his parents to have to stay in Elaine’s luxury hotel room.

Elaine: The Point, George, is she likes you.
George: Oh, so what. I’d rather she hate me and thought I was good looking.



Friday 9/20 – 6:00pm

Two-and-a-Half-Men-Logo-100x100Two and a Half Men
“Just Like Buffalo”
After Jake tells Judith something Charlie said, she won’t let Alan have Jake for the weekend. It’s Charlie’s responsibility to set things right with Judith and her friends.

Charlie: She still busting your chops about what Jake said? Look, blame it on me; tell her I’m sorry.
Alan: She won’t buy it.
Charlie: Sure she will. Women are suckers for a good apology. Just keep shoveling it on, ’til roses start growing in it.
Alan: Poor Satan. He’ll come for your soul and he’ll leave empty handed.



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