A Blog by Gary LaPierre

So Mr. President…..or Mr. Secretary of State…….how’s this Putin thing workin’ out for ya?   I still contend we don’t have a dog in that fight….in Syria….and maybe we will stay the hell out of there in the short OR the long run……but I have to ask……..”have you ever seen such diplomatic bungling in your life?”   I think we can all agree, pencil-neck Assad is a mass killer of his own people.   We all agree he has for years in the past….and very recently….used WMD’s (gas) against the Syrian people.   But knowing that the Russians probably provided Assad with those WMD’s, it requires more than a casual head-scratch to understand why this country….the U. S of A….would let a guy like Vladimir Putin be the one to try to calm this situation.     And…….And……the leader of the free world in Washington, D.C. listens while Putin tells us, he’ll calm the situation as long as we take “air strikes on Syria” off the table. You cant make this stuff up…..Vladdy Putin, former KGB agent, the Russian Leader, supporter of Syria and Iran tells us….U.S……what we can and cannot do with our military.

Funny I remember well, Barack Obama campaigning in Massachusetts for the election of Ed Markey to the U.S. Senate.   The campaigner-in-chief said often…..”I need Ed Markey in Washington, I need his support to get the job done for this country.”   Markey was elected….lightweight that he is……and what does he do during the first major crisis in which the President calls for help?      He votes “Present.”   Nice job Ed…….gotta love that tough guy stance.

Just one other thing on the International agenda right now, was reading some grumbling that Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Olympics…..selected over Madrid and Istanbul. Madrid?    I don’t really think so…..maybe…….but Istanbul?    Istanfreekinbul, Turkey?        You’ve got to be kidding me that it was even considered.  Turkey wanted to become the first Muslim country to host the Olympics…sitting right there among parts of  Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia.     I’ll take my chances with a leaky Fukushima nuke plant in Tokyo any day.


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