By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – The Internet has done a lot to make us more efficient at work. Just think of all the information we take for granted. It has certainly changed the way we work in the news business.

But it’s also slowing us down. At least some of us.

You know who I’m talking about. They work in your office. People who look busy on the computer but they’re not working. They’re online looking at Facebook or YouTube, shopping or even worse, looking for another job. looked into this and found that more than 60-percent of employees visit non-work related web sites each day. And the amount of time some people are wasting is egregious.

Forbes reports more than 20-percent of workers spend anywhere from 2-to-5 hours a day on sites that have nothing to do with their jobs and Facebook was indeed found to be the site they’re most likely looking at.

But that’s nothing compared with some of the other things people are doing online. I don’t know where these people work, but a separate study by Nielsen also finds 25-percent of working adults admit to looking at porn. On an office computer.

Makes Facebook sound pretty innocent.

So why people are wasting so much time at work? asked about that too and found a majority of time wasters say they are not challenged at work. Others say there’s no incentive to work harder (i.e. low wages) and others say they’re just plain bored.

This is the part when the boss’ head explodes because of course these are not acceptable answers. Particularly in a job market that remains as tight as this one.

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