By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV Sports

FOXBORO (CBS) – Okay, I’ve been bouncing this idea around people in the sports office and finally I’m going to put it out there. Why not make Tim Tebow the permanent two-point conversion guy?

Bill Belichick is always thinking outside the box, how about going for two on every play.

Tebow is the perfect guy to do that with.

He can run it in, throw a jump pass, and we may have caught a glimpse with the jump-ball pass to Quentin Sims to end the game on Thursday. This is something Tebow could flourish at and get a chance to be a factor in a game every Sunday.

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It will also give Tebow fans something to scream about.

People would have something to write, and Tim would remain relevant.

We’ll find out by 6 p.m. tonight if Tim makes the final cut or not.


In Thursday’s final preseason game many of the Patriots starters did not play. There were still some players that shined, and other that may have hurt their cause; let’s hand out some gold stars and penalty flags.

Gold Stars

Ryan Mallett gets a gold star. Thursday’s game against the Giants may have been Ryan’s best as a Patriot. He showed poise and patience. He still needs to work on his touch but he moved the team down the field and showed off his big arm on the touchdown pass to Josh Boyce. I know Mallett has made an effort to get better this offseason, and it showed.

Marquice Cole gets a gold star. He just keeps trying and will not give up. He made plays in coverage all over the field on Thursday. He may be one of the main reasons the Pats decided they could do without Ras-I Dowling. Cole is always the underdog, but he may have earned himself a spot with his play against the Giants.

– Seventh round pick Michael Buchanan gets a gold star. The defensive end out of Illinois may have been the star of the game. 2.5 sacks, some pass deflections. His growth and what he showed on the field is what the Pats were looking for in Marcus Bernard. Big 99 is still raw but he may be raw with the Pats.

Penalty Flags

Leon Washington gets a penalty flag. He needed to have a solid all-around game to erase all doubt. Leon though was a mixed bag. He ran back a punt for 43 yards and then fumbled another to the Giants. He’s a veteran returner and the Pats would love for him to be sure handed. I haven’t seen that in the offseason. Leon may be gone.

Jake Ballard gets a penalty flag. This may be putting salt in the wound because he’s gone, but here are the facts. He was never really healthy this preseason and in a game where he needed to play his best, either he couldn’t accelerate on a rate or he gave up on a route. Both will get you cut, one of those may have got him let go.

The media deserves a penalty flag. Ryan Mallet had his best game as a Patriot and three of the first four questions to him when he was at the podium was about Tim Tebow. I get it, people have an interest in #5 but there is no need to make him the focus of every conversation down there. The Pats and their fans understand what Tebow is. He has haters because people won’t stop bringing up his name. He’s an average player that’s going to be a project for the Pats. Tim Tebow is not in Ryan Mallett’s class. He’ll make the team and then he should — and better — be treated like a third string QB quarterback by the media. For the record, I don’t remember third string QB’s doing one-on-one interviews or having to answer questions about them on a regular basis.

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