Every week the guys come at Jermaine Wiggins with ten question on a variety of different topics ranging from sports to entertainment to women. This week the questions tackled Ryan Dempster hitting Alex Rodriquez, bad NFL quarterbacks and the Patriots taking on the Lions.

10 Questions With Wiggy:

10. Did you support Ryan Dempster hitting Alex Rodriquez? Or was it “Stoopid”?

9. The Bruins recently promoted Keith Gretzky, Wayne’s brother, to director of amateur scouting. Mazz and Beetle proclaimed yesterday they would like to visit Paulina Gretzky in the same manner people climb Mt. Washington. Two part question, I know Paulina doesn’t fit your typical parameters, but do you find her worth visiting? And what friend or acquaintance of yours has the most famous brother or sister?

8. In honor of Tim Tebow we ask you, in your 11 years in the NFL who is the worst QB you ever played with? Regular season, preseason, training camp. Whatever. Who is the worst?

7. Scale of 1-10, what’s your confidence level in Stephen Gostkowski?

6. Of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, where would you rank Matthew Stafford?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “I smashed the homies w/ the vicious (rasta voice) word play I’m gonna celebrate the victory Jeff Gordon style ghost ridin the whip Sunday!!!” Please translate.

4. In honor of the marketing survey we read yesterday I ask you, what’s your favorite team in Boston? Who was your favorite team when you were 13?

3. Growing up in Eastie, what was your favorite team in any sport that wasn’t from Boston?

2. Also in keeping with a survey question from yesterday, give me your favorite player on the B’s, C’s, Sox and Pats.

1. Pats are +2 tomorrow night in Detroit….Where you putting your money?

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