Mazz and Beetle were at our Ace Ticket Studios near Fenway Park for a “Felger-free, Agenda-free Friday”. They started the show talking about A-Rod and the on-going events surrounding the Biogenesis scandal, and the ’60 Minutes’ report that A-Rod had a hand in implicating a number of other major leaguers. Beetle raised the possibility of this being Rodriguez’s last trip to Fenway as a player, while Mazz talked about the Sox inability to strike a deal for A-Rod in 2004 being the best thing to happen to this ownership group.

They went on to discuss the frustrating Red Sox 2-1 loss in Toronto on Thursday night. The offense continues to struggle and the Sox continue to leave runners on base at an alarming pace.

Jerry Thornton joined the show and they talked about the developments from down at Patriots’ Training Camp, including the Tom Brady knee scare earlier in the week. He also previews players to watch out for as the Patriots take on the Buccaneers at Gillette.

audio_link url=”″ name=”Felger & Mazz: August 16, 2013″ artist=”Felger and Mazz”]


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