BOSTON (CBS) – Are you ready for your fantasy football draft?

It’s getting to be that time of the year, so Gresh & Zo welcomed Scott Gramling, editor of Fantasy Football Draft Guide, to Wednesday’s show to break down the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes time to make your selections.

Adrian Peterson is the clear-cut #1 pick in drafts this year, but Gramling warns that Texans running back Arian Foster’s heavy work-load and lingering injuries from the last three years make him a risky pick at #2.

Instead, he says go with Tampa Bay back Doug Martin.

“What I like about Doug Martin at #2 is there is no alternatives there in Tampa,” said Gramling. “You know Martin is going to get the ball, he’s young and doesn’t have a lot of wear and tear on those tires.”

When it comes to selecting a quarterback, Gramling gave his Top 3.

“I have Rodgers, Brees, Manning. They are by far the clear-cut Top 3, but I have Manning a safe distance between the two other guys,” he said. “You can’t go wrong with Manning if he’s sitting there in the late second or early third round of the draft.”

What about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady?

“I do think the Patriots will skew a little more to the run than they have in the past — that’s no great revelation there. But Brady is so rock solid that week-in and week-out he’s going to give you the two touchdowns, around 300 yards,” he said. “In drafts right now Cam Newton is going a little ahead of Tom Brady, and that’s crazy.”

“I’ve got Brady #4 among quarterbacks. I’m not as high on him as I was in recent years,” said Gramling. “I think he’s a distant four behind those other guys, but I think it’s crazy if you’re going to take a guy like Cam Newton, who is so up and down, as your fantasy quarterback ahead of a guy like Brady.”

Who should fantasy owners stay away in first couple rounds?

“I would stay away from Foster. Its a little bit of a hunch but it seems the tea leaves are leading to the Texans will give Ben Tate more action this year… Last year they were playing the regular season and not even thinking about the post-season, nor should they have given their relative lack of success in the past. It looks like this year theyre going in with a longer-term view, and because of that, you’ll see foster at 270 carries instead of the mid-300’s. I’m down on Foster because of that.”


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